Multi-Network SIM

Our multi-network SIMs let your devices use the best available network at all times. This maximizes the area from which your devices can get connected and the resilience of the connection.

Improved In-Country Coverage

Connectivity is the critical element in IoT, and should not be seen as a commodity to be bought on price alone.

All single networks have coverage limits, few, if any, alone offer truly comprehensive geographical coverage of any country.

Non-steered multi-network SIMs from Caburn Technologies overcome these challenges and let your devices connect wherever the signal is available.

Resilient & Reliable Connectivity

Cellular network coverage is not static and can be affected by usage of traffic, buildings, even the weather.

This means that site surveys can be misleading as they are a time-bound snapshot of network availability.

Caburn Technologies multi-network SIMs enable our customers’ devices to immediately switch to the best alternative network if the original connection is lost.

Trusted Global Supply Partner

Many of our customers have their device manufactured in China and South East Asia.

To enable streamlined global supply chains like this, we regularly ship 10,000 + SIMs at a time to be line-fitted, tested and shipped to the USA, Europe or elsewhere.

Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications