Global SIM

Caburn Telecom work with a range of network providers to provide a comprehensive selection of networks and profiles for our customers. We provide global and regional roaming, but also a range of multi-network and more focussed single-network options for specific applications. Each can be configured for different geographical needs or usage contexts. Some of our solutions are more geared towards low data usage global applications, and others for high data usage environments. We also provide solutions for those applications which are rely on voice services; which more specifically require accurate CLI presentation, approved telephone number lists and local/national numbers within a robust multi-network environment.

SIM Options

In designing our core product offerings, we recognize each customer has their own technical and commercial needs. Caburn Technologies therefore offers a range of SIM product solutions, tailored for IoT deployments. Each can be scaled and configured within its fundamental operational parameters:

We provide an ideal OEM factory-fit solution: SIMs can be line-fit, factory tested, shipped and stored with no charge until first activated. SIMs are activated to local or regional tariffs remotely via the Caburn CABURN-Insight platform.

It is important the best SIM type is selected, providing the best network and cost footprints as well as connected services for your operations.

Reduce stockholding & Streamline Global Logistics

The Caburn Technologies Global SIM enables you to reduce stock variants for export to different markets. Our Global SIM operates on multiple networks in over 190 countries, with identical configuration overseen and managed from the same platform.

We can supply SIMs in line with your production schedule, to your factory or manufacturing partner anywhere in the world, with nothing to pay until they are activated.

Our free data allowance means your devices can be tested after the SIMs are installed, then put into a non-billable inventory group for holding and shipping.

When they arrive in the country of sale & use, they can be assigned to the most appropriate tariff group from our wide range of flat regional and country-specific rates.

Trusted Global Supply Partner

Many of our customers have their devices manufactured in China and South East Asia.

To enable streamlined global supply chains like this, we regularly ship 10,000 + SIMs at a time to be line-fitted, tested and shipped to the USA, Europe or elsewhere.

Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications