Asset Management & Tracking

Complex supply chains need constant vigilance to ensure assets are easily located so that they can be fully utilised and properly maintained. IoT connectivity allows businesses to implement condition-based maintenance or to enable by-the-hour service revenue to replace capital sales

Caburn Telecom’s global multi-network SIMs and regional tariffs make this simpler and more efficient.


Our SIMs provide vital connections between vulnerable lone workers and backup lone workers can raise an instant distress call any time, regardless of location our resilient multi-network connectivity ensures you deliver your duty of care.

Connection = Protection

In many sectors lone working is unavoidable, from the medical and caring professions to field support, utilities and engineering, people often need to spend time out of the office, and sometimes this makes them vulnerable. Ensuring that they can raise an alarm or call for help from wherever they are is critical.

Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications