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Resilient USA & Multi-Network Roaming: Vehicle & Telematics SIM Cards

When it comes to vehicle telematics, Caburn Technologies is the top choice for businesses looking to maximise efficiency and streamline their operations. With a proven track record of providing cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Caburn Technologies stands out as a leading provider in the industry. From GPS tracking to remote diagnostics, our connectivity solutions offer unparalleled insight into vehicle performance and driver behaviour. Choosing Caburn Technologies means investing in a reliable connectivity partner that is dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the ever-evolving world of fleet management.

Keeping your fleet in view, wherever the road takes them is essential for good customer service and efficient operation our multi-network coverage maximises telematics tracking accuracy and reliability competitive flat tariffs across entire regions eliminate uncertainty in roaming charges IoT solutions designers face an array of competing connectivity options from several types of low-power wireless access, to multiple emerging GSM standards. We, therefore, constantly work with our partners to provide the optimum connectivity roadmap for our customers.

Caburn Technologies multi-network roaming SIMs help to eliminate coverage gaps and increase connection resilience. This means that fleet operators can keep a close eye on their vehicles at all times, improving customer service and operational efficiency. Designed around the needs of the telematics businesses our connectivity solutions are used by some of the largest most demanding companies in the industry.


Simple Flexible & Efficient

  • One SIM, one contract for all regions and countries
  • All SIMs and operators managed from one page
  • Minimum contract as low as 3 months
  • No SIM purchase cost no activation or exit fees
  • SIMs supplied test ready with free allowance
  • Can be held until needed – up to 12 months at no charge
  • Suspend and reactivate as required
  • Flex aggregated data allowance to match usage
  • Pay only for the data you use

Vehicle Telematics: A Cross-Border Perspective

Vehicle telematics is a fast-evolving field, encompassing vehicle tracking, fleet management, satellite navigation, and wireless communication technologies. However, the North American market is a complex landscape with several regulatory, technical, and market-based challenges across the three countries.

In the USA, telematics adoption is driven by stringent regulatory compliance, fuel cost management, EV fleet range and the need to improve operational efficiency. However, the challenge lies in the integration of various technologies and ensuring data security.

Mexico, on the other hand, is focused on advanced security telematics. The challenge here is the robustness of the communication network, given the country’s diverse geographical terrains.

Canada, being the largest geographical country in North America, faces the challenge of providing consistent telematics services across its vast territories. The focus here is on efficient fleet management and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

The complexities of vehicle telematics, security, and connectivity in the North American market are multifaceted. Caburn Technologies, with our innovative solutions and understanding of these complexities, addresses these challenges and can tap into the immense opportunities that the USA, Mexican, and Canadian markets offer. With tailored strategies for each market, Caburn Technologies is helping to connect and revolutionize vehicle telematics and security across North America.

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